20/20 Research Business Database.

The 20/20 Research Business Database provides comprehensive coverage of the UK business universe for all kinds of business to business sampling.

As a provider of business to business research, we regularly conduct research among tightly defined groups of businesses. It is critically important to be able to draw accurate, up to date, and reliable sample frames.

To maximise the efficiency of our business to business sampling, we have established our own business database. Compiled from several sources including Companies House, the file provides full postal and telephone contact details, and named contacts, for some 1.8m businesses of all kinds across the UK business universe, from SoHo practitioners to large, multi site corporate enterprises.

We can provide you with an appropriate sample frame for your requirements, whether you need a simple list of known size and shape, or a more complex design (where we can add the benefit of our own expertise).

Selections can be drawn on :

- Activity/Sector (SIC codes - SIC92)
- Turnover
- Headcount (no of employees)
- Country
- Region
- County 
- City/town