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Communications Audit.

Following a series of reorganisation and restructuring exercises, the communications within a major organisation had become confused and fragmented. In addition to centrally managed, company-wide vehicles, there were departmental and regional communications, and a proliferation of separate strands relating to specific projects or work and social subgroups.

The range of communications vehicles was equally diverse and embraced paper, posters, email and internet bulletin boards.

Corporate communications - both messages and channels - needed to be rationalised according to the needs of the stakeholders within the organisation.

Whilst an intranet hosted survey was used to sample most sections of a diverse stakeholder population, not all of its members enjoyed the same access to facilities, and a postal questionnaire was used to ensure complete coverage.

Preliminary analysis was required to compare results from the two delivery routes, confirming that no bias had been introduced via methodological differences.

Our reporting highlighted principal areas of overlap and provided direction as to which communications pieces could be rationalised without leaving an information gap. Diagnostics on specific communications, captured in verbatim comments, provided suggested improvements on the communications that were to be retained.