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Im a homeowner let me change my water supplier!






Recent research* suggests that despite the vast majority of homeowners (88%) considering themselves satisfied with the service from their current water supplier, significant numbers would look to change if they were able to do so in the same way they are able to change energy supplier.

Many demonstrated little commitment or loyalty to their current water supplier, with one fifth (21%) of homeowners saying they would be very likely to consider switching provider if regulations allowed them to do so.

Underpinning this willingness to change providers is the minimal interaction that customers have with their current water supplier, despite signs that there is an appetite for more proactive engagement, other than just for the regular payment of bills.  

“Water companies have already taken steps to improve their levels of customer service, with faster response to queries”, says Director Kevin Tyrrell, “and they are becoming increasingly aware now of the need to track both satisfaction and commitment of their customer base, to understand ways in which these are affected at key touch points and to develop engagement strategies to strengthen customer loyalty”.


* Online research undertaken April 2017 by 2020 Research among a sample of 355 UK homeowners.