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To restate the obvious - Theresa May’s election gamble has seriously backfired. 

She was hoping to enter Brexit negotiations with a mandate from the electorate, and a commanding majority in parliament, providing that frequently voiced and equally frequently derided ‘strong and stable leadership’.  Instead she has lost her majority in parliament and her reputation is seriously damaged.  

The political future in the UK is now extremely volatile.  Post-election, the downward trend in support for Conservatives and rising trend in support for Labour shows signs of continuing.  

Businesses dislike an uncertain future.  Research among businesses by 2020 Research shows that over half feel that the election has made the prospects worse for getting a successful outcome to the Brexit negotiations.  Around 40% state that the election result makes them feel less confident about the prospects for their own business over the next 12 months.

Who is the best person to recover the situation and handle the critical Brexit negotiations?  Fewer than a quarter of businesses see Theresa May as the best person to fulfil this role, but there seems to be no clear frontrunner within her party.  

In fact slightly more see Jeremy Corbyn as a better option.  Maybe it is time for a bet on red?